5 Ways to Update Oak Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

oak kitchen cabinets

Are you in search of tips for making old oak cabinets look sleek and contemporary without opting for replacement? If yes, this article is for you. While browsing the web for trending ideas on oak kitchen cabinets, we came across amazing tips for reinventing their outlooks, all of which we have explained in this article.

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oak kitchen cabinets

Does a Kitchen with Oak Cabinets Look Fashionable?

Despite being looked at by many as traditional, cookhouses adorned with oak cabinets can be as fashionable as any other modern kitchen design provided the cabinetries seem updated in terms of visual demeanor.

Thankfully, updating the appearance of oak kitchen cabinets is not as difficult as it may seem to be. Here are five viable strategies you can leverage in terms of revitalizing the visual aesthetic properties of oak cabinets.

#5: Painting or Staining

When marked by the dark-red natural oak finish, oak kitchen cabinets can easily seem old-fashioned, especially after extended use. Consequently, interior designers recommend that oak cabinets be painted or stained for a longer-lasting glamour. Fortunately, oak cabinets are easier to paint or stain, thanks to the coarse or straight-grained oak finishes marking their surfaces.

#4: Incorporation of Colors and Material Textures

Considering how the honey-color outlook of oak hardwood is duller than brighter, arguing that oak cabinets need to be blended with vibrant colors is justified. To enliven the appearance of oak cupboards, especially traditional-style oak cupboards, you must try pairing them with colorful shades and material textures.

#3: Cabinet Outfitting

Other than opting for cabinet refurbishment, you can choose to outfit your old oak cabinets to make them look newer and more fashionable. In this respect, you can consider replacing their broken parts and implements while modifying their layouts, shapes, or size. Outfitting oak cabinets can make them look not only new but also compatible with how you want to use your cookhouse.

#2: Incorporation of Accessories

Depending on whether your pantry is modern or traditional-style, you should adorn your oak cabinets with industrial or rustic accessories respectively. As is the case of almost all cabinetry designs, all varieties of oak kitchen cabinets can easily look visually seductive when accessorized.

#1: Installation of Under-Cabinet Lighting Fixtures  

Because oak cabinets can look duller and make an interior seem unusually darker courtesy of their shady outlook, installing extra lighting fixtures anywhere they are installed is one way to make them seem visually appealing. Currently, interior designers recommend under-cabinet bulbs as lighting fixtures that blend well with oak cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether or not you are proficient in kitchen interior design, you can easily revive the outlook of a kitchen with oak cabinets without opting for cabinet replacement. Oak kitchen cabinets are easier to beautify and are compatible with many colors and finishing options.