Harmful Habits: How You Might be Sabotaging Your Plumbing

Sabotaging Your Plumbing

Dwelling in the quiet suburb of Acworth, homeowners are well-aware of the importance of regular maintenance of their houses, including the plumbing. By recognizing some common bad habits, you can prevent serious damage to your plumbing in Acworth.

Sabotaging Your Plumbing

Pouring Down Grease or Oil Down the Drain

Fats from cooking oil or grease can congeal and create obstructions in your pipes, leading to severe blockages. To avoid damaging your plumbing, dispose of grease in the trash, not the sink.

Ignoring Minor Leaks

Those few drips might seem insignificant but they can lead to major leaks, structural problems, or even mold. If you notice a leak, fix it immediately to avoid long-term damage.

Flushing Foreign Objects

Every plumber’s nightmare is the blocked toilet, often caused by unsuitable items. Your toilet should only see toilet paper, not floss, baby wipes, or other objects.

Using Commercial Drain Cleaners Too Often

While commercial drain cleaners can unblock pipes, their corrosive nature can eat away at them with frequent use. Consider non-corrosive alternatives or a professional plumber for regular clogs.

Overlooking Regular Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can often catch issues before they become major. Consider biannual inspections by a professional to ensure your plumbing system is in top shape.

Not Using Strainers in Sinks

Sink strainers catch debris that can create clogs. Using them in kitchen and bathroom sinks can save you from tedious drain cleaning.

Going DIY on Serious Issues

There are certainly some plumbing issues you can fix on your own. But when it comes to severe problems, you’re better off calling in a professional. They have the requisite tools and knowledge to deal with certain issues, without causing further damage.

Doing your part in maintaining your home’s plumbing can significantly reduce the risk of serious damage in the future. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can increase the longevity of your plumbing system and ultimately save money on expensive repairs.

In conclusion, ensuring the smooth operation of our home’s plumbing systems is vital. Recognizing and rectifying harmful habits can go a long way in preventing serious damage to your plumbing. Remember, if in doubt, seek assistance, after all, maintaining the functionality of our home’s plumbing is integral to comfortable living.