Setting Effective Rules and Procedures for Successful Property Management

Property Management

Andrejs Property Management Inc. understands the importance of robust policies, procedures, and rules in managing property. Many condominiums are reliant on the basic rules included in the developer package. These may not cover every aspect necessary for an effective operation. We have created a collection of customizable documents that are tailored to the specific needs of each condominium corporation.

Property Management

Adaptable Documentation

Our team understands that personalized and thorough documentation is essential for smooth and successful operations. Our library of customizable resources helps condominium corporations establish a solid foundation for effective property management. We offer guidance and support in developing and implementing tailored policies, rules and procedures that improve the operation of your condo.

Compliance Enforcement Strategies

We can help you create effective procedures to enforce rules, ensure voluntary compliance and create necessary documentation for legal proceedings. Our experience in this field helps condominium corporations to establish fair and effective enforcement practices.

Extensive Guidelines and Protocols

We offer a variety of rules, procedures, and policies that can be tailored to the needs of every condominium corporation. These customizable resources provide comprehensive guidelines on day-today operations and decisions.

Fire Safety Strategies

We provide comprehensive and complete fire safety plans to ensure compliance with the regulations, and create a safe and secure environment for our residents. These plans are customized to meet the specific needs of each condominium, and they cover all aspects of fire safety.

Guidelines for Security Personnel

The comprehensive set of orders we have developed is intended to cover every scenario that security personnel may encounter. These orders are designed to provide security personnel with clear instructions, ensuring that they can respond consistently and effectively in different scenarios.

Industry Standards and Specifications

We offer general specifications designed and reviewed in consultation with engineering firms and field experts. These specifications are used to help with the tendering of contracts and ensure that major contracts comply with all standards and requirements.

Receivables Management Policies

Our collection policies are a step-bystep guide to collecting receivables, and placing liens. These policies will help condominium corporations manage their receivables effectively and maintain financial stability.

Employee Roles and Performance Assessments

Job descriptions can be tailored to specific needs for both management and staff on site. We also provide a standard review of employee performance to ensure clear expectations and accountability.

Reserve Fund Investment Guidelines

Our guidelines provide best practices to invest the reserve fund of a corporation. These policies offer insight into the best investment strategies to maximize the growth of your reserve fund while maintaining financial stability.

Yearly Planning Handbook

Condominium corporations can stay organized by using our complete list of annual tasks, as well as our scheduling guidelines.


Andrejs Management Inc. provides comprehensive, customizable documentation to establish effective procedures, rules and policies for property management. Our extensive resources and expertise ensure that your condominium corporation is equipped with the framework necessary to run smoothly and successfully. Our support will help you develop guidelines that improve the management of your property. Andrejs Management Inc. will help you establish a solid base for successful property management.