How to Fix/Clean Contaminated Soil

How to Fix-Clean Contaminated Soil

While it’s nearly impossible to fully clean contaminated soil, there’re some things that you can do to minimize the toxic impact. You can work on adjusting the pH level of your soil or add an ample amount of organic matter to discourage contaminants. If you’re new to fixing contaminated soil, it’s best that you hire a contaminated soil removal/recycling company to implement the best strategy. Disposal of contaminated soil isn’t as simple as it looks. So only a well-experienced contractor can deal with it with utmost accuracy while complying with all rules and regulations associated with disposing of contaminated soil. The Enviro recycling group has extensive experience in recycling and treating contaminated soil. So they can provide you with the best option after accessing your needs.

How to Fix-Clean Contaminated Soil

The following ways are sure to help you improve fertility in your soil:

Try organic matter

That’s one of the best things you can do to increase the fertility level in your soil. It’s simple and doesn’t involve any intense procedure. All you need is to add organic matter such as top dress of peat moss or compost manure to your soil. This practice has been used for ages and will definitely help you protect plants from any potential damage.


Bioremediation or biological treatment involves using of biological procedures to transform, degrade or essentially eliminate harmful contaminants from water and soil. This process primarily counts on microorganisms including fungi or bacteria, which feed on these harmful contaminants. For this reason, this biological treatment is widely used to treat contaminated soil and can to a long way toward reducing the damage caused by contaminants.

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