Pressurized Wall NYC 10 Earning Idea to Turn Free Space into Renting Side

Pressurized Wall NYC 10 Earning Idea to Turn Free Space into Renting Side

University students have lots of expenses and if they are living alone then they need double money than the students who are living with their parents because ofrent. The rent for one room is too much nowadays. Therefore, the students do a part-time job but still find themselves unable to fulfill all of their needs. Yet, the reality is that you cannot lessen the expenses but you can find ways to increase the money you earn to fulfill all of your needs. One of them is to use pressurized walls.

What is Pressurized Wall NYC?

Pressurized walls are temporary walls that are added in the room to divide one room into two rooms. By using these walls you can use half of the rooms to earn money. The room can be used for many things.

Pressurized Wall NYC 10 Earning Idea to Turn Free Space into Renting Side

How to use Pressurized Walls NYC to turn Free Space into Renting Side?

Pressurized walls ( can be used to divide the rrom into two rooms and use one of them to earn some money. There are many ways to use that room. Beside renting the room, you can use it in many ways. The top ten ways are:

If you are a book lover who has so many books then why don’t you open a library there where you would provide them study circles, literary open mic, writing classes and open space to read and write. You can charge them to earn a few pennies every-day. In this way, you will get your daily pocket money. For this, you have to buy a shelved pressurized wall and fit it in the middle of the room to get space to keep books. To make it lightening and dream library, you can keep iPods and headphones as well. And if you have a laptop so place such technologies too.

If you have some savings, then buy exercise machines and weight-lifters and open gym for your friends and loved ones there. You can train them if you are a physical trainer or ask any of your friends to work in your gym as a trainer. In this way, you can earn some money every month which will benefit you, two friends.

Sewing area:
If you know how to sew clothes and do stitching and embroidery then buy machines and dedicate the room to your sewing and embroidery. It will get you $10 to $20 weekly or daily too which will be enough for you, I think.

Mobile development:
If you are a computer geek and know how to fix mobiles and laptop then dedicate the division to earn from mobile development.

Relaxing room:
You can even rent the part to your friend or university couples to give them areas to live and enjoy. This will help you to earn without making any effort.

Storage Area:
You can even become a marketer and seller. All you have to do is to buy from cheaper stores requested materials, keep them in the divided room and sell them on special occasions cheaper than Amazon.

Gaming Area:
Buy some video games and let your friends come there and play games for hours while paying you for it.

Movie Theater:
Spend some money. Buy carpet, curtains and big LCD for the room and turn it into the theater room to let students enjoy their Saturday night. It will help you to earn at least $50.

If you have an interest in arts and painting, then open your own gallery and earn some money every month.

You can even open your indoor garden. You can sell your plants and ingrown veg to get some pocket money.

So, these are the ways which you can use to earn some pennies and money. Visit for more details at